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 From Private Live On-Line Lessons to Guitar  Repairs

We offer unsurpassed services to meet your needs 

Private On-Line Lessons

Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned pro, our highly qualified instructors structure lesson plans around the individual student; guiding them down the path of their choosing while elevating their musical knowledge and skills. Private on-line lessons are scheduled with the instructors at a time that conveniently fits your schedule. For just $80 per student you receive four half-hour professional one-on-one live lessons each month. 

Guitar Repair

Is your guitar not performing they way it should? Bring it in for a free assessment!  We use only the finest quality parts and accessories and we play test each instrument to ensure proper sound and functionality. Our work is guaranteed to satisfy and delight the most discerning professional musician. From minor repairs and adjustments to complete restorations and custom modifications, we offer a degree of excellence that is unique in the Chicagoland area.

After 55 years of servicing just about every guitar in the Joliet area, in June of 2018 we lost our beloved Charlie Brewer. While it will be nearly impossible to completely fill his shoes, he had been quietly apprenticing Mark Scherf since 2007. Mark will be taking residence in Charlie's workshop applying everything he has learned from the master to continue his legacy for many years to come. From basic set-ups to broken necks, we will have your guitar looking and playing better than new!